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    Officially signed with Taiwan's top diode brand Weisheng goodwork

    Release time:2021-05-13 11:17:25

    After careful consideration by the senior management of the company, we have decided to select Weisheng goodwork (GW) as our strategic partner to jointly explore the power supply, household appliances and vehicle markets, so as to provide high-quality diodes for customers in Greater China.
    Product coverage: Schottky barrier rectifiers, Super Fast Rectifiers, high efficiency rectifiers, Fast Recovery Rectifiers, general purpose rectifiers, bridge rectifiers, etc Transient voltage diodes, high efficiency glass passivated diodes, fast recovery glass passivated diodes, general purpose glass passivated diodes, high voltage rectifiers, high-voltage rectifiers, high-voltage rectifiers Surface Mount Schottky barrier rectifiers, surface mount super fast rectifiers, surface mount high efficiency rectifiers, Surface Mount Fast Recovery Rectifiers Surface mount general purpose rectifiers and surface mount transient voltage rectifiers.
    At present, the substitutes of GW brand include PANJIT, Dunnan Lite on, and Anson on. The products are strictly checked by multiple QC before leaving the factory, which greatly reduces the after-sales rate and cost. Let customers use high-quality diode products!

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