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    RCR Coat-Insulated Fixed Anti Surge Resistors

    RCR Coat-Insulated Fixed Anti Surge Resistors

    Product classification:【KOA_Speer】

    Function overview:

    ?Excellent anti-surge characteristics.
    ?Stable characteristics of moisture resistance up to high
    resistance range.
    ?RCR50+(1MΩ~12MΩ), RCR50EN (1MΩ~12MΩ) and
    RCR60 (1MΩ~12MΩ) are conductive-path and Dischargepath Resistors recognized by UL1676 and c-UL (CSAC22.2 No.1-M94).
    ?RCR25EN (100kΩ~33MΩ), RCR50EN (100kΩ~33MΩ)
    and RCR60 (100kΩ~56MΩ) is approved by EN62368-1
    G.10 safety.
    ?Products meet EU-RoHS requirement. EU-RoHS regulation
    is not intended for Pb-glass contained in resistor element.
    ?Automatic mounting machine is applicable by surface mounted
    device style lead forming.
    ?Copy machines
    ?Switching power supplies
    ?AC adapters

    product details

    The stock models are complete and the stock is sufficient! Spot hotline: 0755-27801113

    KOA plug-in resistor1



    KOA plug-in resistor2



    KOA plug-in resistor3



    KOA plug-in resistor4



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