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    GS High Voltage High Resistance Thick Film Resistors

    GS High Voltage High Resistance Thick Film Resistors

    Product classification:【KOA_Speer】

    Function overview:

    ?Miniature construction endurable to high voltage and high
    ?Resistors excellent in anti-surge characteristics.
    ?Wide resistance range of 500kΩ~10GΩ and small T.C.R.
    ?Products meet EU-RoHS requirements. EU-RoHS regulation
    is not intended for Pb-glass contained in resistor element and
    Pb contained in Brass cap.
    ?Copying machines.
    ?Charging and discharging resistors for power supply circuits.
    ?High voltage dividing resistors

    product details

    The stock is sufficient, please refer to 0755-27801113 for specific models.

    Click GS high voltage resistor series specification to download.


    KOA高壓電阻KOA plug-in resistor1



    KOA plug-in resistor2



    KOA plug-in resistor3



    KOA plug-in resistor4



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